Excel Gum Product Packaging

Product Packaging

*for demonstration purposes only

Excel Gum Product Packaging

*for demonstration purposes only

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*for demonstration purposes only

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*for demonstration purposes only

August Motorcars Showroom Placard

Showroom Placard

August Motorcars Showroom Placard

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Seeing is now Doing

There's no more need for the disconnect between seeing a print ad and learning more about it or contacting the person or company. Booking vacations, getting quotes, adding contacts to your phone, donating to your favorite charities, and much more can all be done in one simple tap.

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Connect Cross-Platform

There's already too much to keep track of in your life, let Maxogram connect you to the people and businesses you want to see, on any platform.

View on Facebook
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Add on Snapchat
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Listen on YouTube
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Discover what Matters to You

Maxogram has over forty actions and counting, making getting what you need, when you need it, effortless.

Order on Skip the Dishes
Listen on Spotify
Lookup on IMDb
Listen on Google Play
Listen on iTunes
Get Directions Using Google Maps

Life Should be Live-Updated

No matter if you're on your way to the ski hill, shopping in the mall, or checking out your favorite concert, Maxogram is there with you to get you what you need.

Swap Maxogram Videos as Many Times as You'd Like

Maxogram includes unlimited video and Action Icon updating. This means even if you've scanned a Maxogram before, it's not necessarily going to be the same thing the next time you do! This is great for receiving live updates on snowfall conditions, wait times, event information, and much more!

Instant Support Wherever you Are

Maxogram is also a game changer in instant support by allowing you to instantly connect on a large number of support channels all in one place.

Support Via Facebook Messenger
Support Via Phone Call
Support Via Email
Support Via Text Message
Custom Support Channel
Support Via Skype Chat


Fixed Term Maxogram Timeline

Want to show more in your print ads without printing more? Want to connect with each one of your event attendees effortlessly? You need a Fixed-Term Maxogram.

  • Run for 90 days after activation
  • Good for high turnover products or for Maxogram images that are likely to change within a few months
  • Examples include: newspaper ads, real-estate listings, car sale ads, revolving products, or special events
Continuing Maxogram Timeline

Let your product packaging speak for itself. Showcase your talent even when you're not around. Continuing Maxograms can go the distance.

  • Run indefinitely but can still be paused any time you want
  • Good for low turnover products or for Maxogram images that are likely to stay the same for an extended period of time
  • Examples include: self-guided tours, product packaging, business cards, pamphlets and brochures, or album covers

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