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Matthew Jensen

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur since the nineties, a lifelong creative and student of marketing and technology, Matthew Jensen is a dreamer of the highest order. Described in a myriad of terms by friends and family as the genuine article and the salt of the earth, Matthew relishes any opportunity to plumb the depths of marketing psychology; specifically for the reclamation of that ever sought after yet ever fleeting commodity: time. Not just time for the sake of time, but "to help people enjoy doing what they need, so they can get back to doing what they want." This is just a small window into the passion that drives him in all facets of his personal and professional relationships. Jensen strives to put love & communication at the forefront of all he does; someone who truly gives a damn.

Such is the case with Maxogram, Jensen's brainchild, vision, and labour of love. Developed with the help of a rapidly growing team of professionals, experts, and staunch believers, Maxogram, which has been described as lighting in a bottle, is an exciting breakthrough in information and communication technology that makes giving and getting any kind of information on demand not only easy, but a fun and beautiful experience.

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