• What does activating a Maxogram mean?

    Activating a Maxogram means assigning an image to your purchased Fixed-Term or Continuing Maxogram.

  • What is the 7 day image guarantee?

    If you activate any Maxogram and within 7 days decide to use a different image, we will swap your Maxogram image out for free.

  • What is your refund policy?
    It is our main priority to ensure the happiness of all Maxogram clients so feel free to reach out to us and we will do everything in our power to ensure your Maxogram experience is nothing less than stellar. If you are unsatisfied with how Maxogram is performing for you, we will refund your Maxograms within 30 days of purchase. We also offer our 7 Day Image Guarantee if you're finding the image you've used for a Maxogram is not working well.
  • What is your Never Locked In Policy?

    The Maxogram Never Locked In Policy allows you to pause a Continuing Maxogram (and its monthly subscription) any time you want. You have up to a year to decide to turn it back on before it will automatically be deleted. This gives you the flexibility to always know exactly what you're paying and adjust it if you need to.

  • How does the monthly subscription work?

    Once activated, Continuing Maxograms will work for as long as you want; this is why there is a monthly subscription attached to them. Naturally, your monthly subscription is based on the number of Continuing Maxograms you have activated on your account.

    Discounts to your monthly subscription are based on the total number of Continuing Maxograms you have on your account, whether they're activated or not. Basically, the more Continuing Maxograms you buy, the cheaper your monthly subscription is.

    Number of Continuing Maxograms on Account Monthly Subscription per Maxogram
    1-4 $9
    5-9 $8
    10-19 $7
    20-49 $6
    50-99 $5
    100 $4

    For example, if you purchase a Gold Package which contains 50 Continuing Maxograms for your business, and have activated 5 of the Maxograms so far, your monthly subscription per Maxogram will be $5. So you will pay $25 per month for as long as you want to keep those 5 Continuing Maxograms active.

    All Continuing Maxograms are also covered by our Never Locked In Policy. This means you can pause any Continuing Maxogram, and its monthly subscription, any time you want.

    Please Note: Subscriptions do not apply to Fixed-Term Maxograms.