Activate anything printed with instant video and interactivity, easily accessed with a free, small app. The best way to see it in action is to watch the following 1-minute intro video. To REALLY experience it firsthand, the absolute best (and arguably more fun) way, is to get the app and scan the image below.

Now What? What’s Next?

At this point you may be wondering how Maxogram can benefit you, or perhaps you are more interested in knowing what features we have now or what’s to come. Whatever your question, we have the answer. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

Common Questions

Who’s it for?
Of course, we believe Maxogram is (and should be) for everyone. 😉 Creators of Maxograms are businesses or individuals who want to create more for their customers or followers. Users of Maxograms are individuals who want to get more information, connect, share and interact.

What does it work on?
Anything printed, whether it’s a business card, brochure, poster, postcard, product package or box, banner, you name it – if it’s printed, it can be added to our platform.

How much does it cost?
This depends on a few factors. First, it is important to note that you can handle everything yourself and pay only for inclusion in our platform (self serve) or we can handle everything for you (full serve). To serve you best, please contact us for pricing.

How is Maxogram different from a QR Code?
This is one of the most common questions and we’ve developed a lot of material surrounding this, but some of the basics are: Maxograms look attractive vs. QR codes do not, QR codes all look the same vs. Maxograms all look different, Maxograms cost money vs. non-dynamic QR codes are free, Maxogram is new and innovative with lots of room to grow and evolve vs. QR Codes have most commonly been used to simply take a user to a web page and bear a stigma, Maxograms can be modified after the fact vs. non-dynamic QR codes typically can not. We could go on, but that should be more than enough reason to consider Maxogram vs. a QR code.

The only thing that is similar between the two is the process of scanning something with your smartphone and something happening.

Who Is Using It?

  • Lochlyn Munro
  • Aaron Pritchett
  • Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne
  • Kyle Miller
  • Lauren Mayell
  • Leon from Crocs
  • Summerhill Pyramid Winery
  • Stephen Cipes
  • Dominion Lending
  • TAC Solutions
  • Mastermind Studios
  • Quest Martial Arts Academy
  • Maxocam
  • The Management Group
  • MCC Recording Studio
  • Gold Teeth Canada
  • Bedrock Homes
  • Tireboss
  • Drivertise
  • CentralPurchasing
  • Wellness Realization
  • CorMichael Media
  • Jujube Business Builders

And many more too numerous to list here … with many more to come!

This map shows approximately 20,000 actual Maxogram views plotted on a map. These are all places that select Maxograms have been scanned. (18/11/08)
This map shows approximately 42,000 actual Maxogram views plotted on a map. These are all places that select Maxograms have been scanned. (19/11/08)