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A Maxogram® is an image with embedded info & interactive features, revealed by scanning with the Maxogram® app.
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The following map shows all recorded locations where Maxograms have been viewed since we started tracking this metric.

The above map represents approximately 46,000 views as of 2020/02/08.

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Maxogram Activated COVID-19 Response Items Available

1. Dynamic Door Sign
If you have a physical business location that you’ve had to close, or want to be able to provide after hours information, this is for you.

2. Public Notice Poster
You can help with the COVID-19 response. This is a free Maxogram Activated poster that you can print and put up anywhere to provide the public with instant, always updated information and resources.

3. Other COVID-19 Resources for Business
We have been compiling a growing collection of resources developed by third parties for the benefit of businesses everywhere.

4. Free Maxogram Games
We get it. Some people are bored and looking for things to do right now. We’ve even got you covered for that. Try one (or all) of our Maxogram Games: TouchTimeTrivia, PartWord, PauseWord, or AcroWords.