Matthew Jensen

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur since the nineties, a lifelong creative and student of marketing and technology, Matthew Jensen is a dreamer of the highest order. Described in a myriad of terms by friends and family as the genuine article and the salt of the earth, Matthew relishes any opportunity to plumb the depths of marketing psychology; specifically for the reclamation of that ever sought after yet ever fleeting commodity: time. Not just time for the sake of time, but “to help people enjoy doing what they need, so they can get back to doing what they want.” This is just a small window into the passion that drives him in all facets of his personal and professional relationships. Jensen strives to put love & communication at the forefront of all he does; someone who truly gives a damn.

Such is the case with Maxogram, Jensen’s brainchild, vision, and labour of love. Developed with the help of a rapidly growing team of professionals, experts, and staunch believers, Maxogram, which has been described as lighting in a bottle, is an exciting breakthrough in information and communication technology that makes giving and getting any kind of information on demand not only easy, but a fun and beautiful experience.

Matthew enjoys spending his free time with his daughter, his son and the love of his life.

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Dianna Jensen


Dianna is a distinctly “outside the box” thinker and this talent is put to good use on a regular basis. She is meticulous in her planning, execution, and tracking in all areas, particularly relating to financial matters, leading to a very streamlined approach from the mundane to the most complex affairs.

Dianna oversees the day-to-day operations with a particular focus on the goings on behind-the-scenes. She is also very quick-witted and brings a healthy dose of levity to many conversations.

Christine Shaffer

Co-Founder & CTO

Christine Shaffer is the lead developer behind Maxogram. After viewing Matthew’s vision for Maxogram she was eager to jump on board and help make it a reality. A quiet person by nature, numbers have always made more sense to Christine than almost anything else. She relishes in a good problem, or learning about any random topic. This is why Maxogram, a learning venture in marketing, business, technology, and problem-solving, is the perfect fit. Most of the time you can find Christine lost in code, but she’s always willing to make time for family, friends, animals, and a good old-fashioned debate.

Cody Shaffer


Cody Shaffer is a co-founder of Maxogram and a good friend of Matthew’s. He saw the potential of Maxogram from the beginning and encouraged Matthew to pursue it, including introducing his sister Christine to the company. A successful businessman in his own right, Cody enjoys growing his ever-expanding custom jewelry company and other business ventures, as well as helping drive Maxogram. When he’s not making deals he enjoys spending his free time with his daughter and motocross racing.

Rachel Abrahams

Official Maxogram Girl (OMG) and Brand Ambassador

“Maxogram felt like home right from the start, so I just had to move in.”

Starting out as the Official Maxogram Girl (OMG), Rachel then decided to pursue Maxogram full time as a valued employee. Bringing unique talents from around the world, Rachel has displayed impressive communication and personal relation skills as well as impeccable administrative skills. Growing up in the UK, she attended an Arts Academy where she developed the creative aspects to which she brings to Maxogram. When not working, she is out traveling the globe and making genuine connections. Our main focus at Maxogram is love, which is exactly what she stands for. Her caring and loving nature is the perfect addition to the company and we couldn’t be happier! 

Amy Cook

Virtual Assistant

Amy is originally from Yorkshire, England. She has spent the last year living in Kelowna, and more recently has relocated to Victoria to explore all of the wild and wonderful things this place has to offer for the winter season! Amy’s hobbies include exploring the outdoors whether that be through trail running, hiking in the mountains or checking out the local lakes. She also loves to bake and cook, so she spends a great deal of her time in the kitchen experimenting! When she’s not doing the previous, you’ll find her hunting down the local coffee shops and searching for the best cappuccino in town, whilst getting her head stuck in a good book!

“I have had the pleasure of working for Maxogram for nearly a year now, and I’m grateful every day to be surrounded (even if it is virtually) by such a kind and supportive team. Maxogram is the best!”