Maxogram was conceived at a time when smartphones were just beginning to become mainstream and it was seen in those early years as a mechanism for “seeing something” and then “doing something based on what was seen”. Initially, the thought was that by simply seeing an image and then playing a related video would be enough, however, this proved to be more of a novelty (particularly with the tracking feature). It was this that opened the door to determine what was lacking. The answer: usefulness. From that point forward, we made it our mission to add as much usefulness to the interface and experience as possible. We call these “actions”. This turned out to be a turning point in the development of the product, as it gave Maxogram a unique value proposition that no other platform could easily provide.

Since that time, we have further advanced the subtleties of the mechanics of the interface and introduced new actions as new requirements and new platforms emerged or on some way became available.

Maxogram was officially founded as Maxogram Media Inc. on December 23, 2016 and continues to grow as new possibilities of using this universally applicable platform are discovered.