Dynamic Door Sign (See also Public Notice Poster)

A customizable, contactless sign you can print on any printer, put up at your business location that allows you to talk to your customers and guide them to your online resources. You can update your sign remotely from wherever you are, giving your location visitors consistently up-to-date information about your business.

This is particularly useful in keeping contact with your customers during the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows you to put up a sign on your door once – and update the message it delivers – remotely – as needed, as things change, without needing to reprint your sign. It also requires no contact to activate: users just get the free maxogram app then hold it up to scan the sign. That’s it!


If you’re viewing this page on a desktop device, you can scan the image below with the maxogram app on your phone.

Interested for Your Business?

Online ordering will be available soon. For now, please send us a message through Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram or DIY and get started right now using our 8.5″ x 11″ customizable printable template (instructions included) in High Resolution PNG or PDF format.

Know a Business That Would Benefit from This?

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Questions? Comments? Did we miss something? Please contact us through Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram. We’re happy to help and looking forward to improving this resource promptly as we progress.

And Remember …

Stay safe … and wash your hands. ❤️