How do Maxogram views work?

Each Maxogram on your account comes with 5000 included views per month. For example, if you have one Maxogram you can get up to 5000 views on it in one month and won’t be charged any extra.Included views are aggregated across all of the Maxograms on your account. For example, if you have three Maxograms on your account you have 15,000 included views for the month across these Maxograms. If one Maxogram gets 7000 views while the other two get 3,000 and 1,000, respectively, then you’ve used 11,000 views that month which is within your included usage.You will only be charged extra if the aggregate views across the Maxograms on your account exceed your included usage. Extra views are charged in increments of 5,000, rounding up. For example, if you again have 3 Maxograms on your account, you have 15,000 included views for the month. If your three Maxograms garner 18,000 views total during the month, you will be charged an extra $20 for the 3,000 extra views. If they garnered 22,000 views total, that would mean there’s 7,000 extra views and $40 would be charged, and so on.

More FAQs are answered below …

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I created a Maxogram but my image doesn’t scan well, what do I do now?

Sometimes, even if your Maxogram image receives 2 or 3 stars when you initially upload it, it may not scan well. The troubleshooting steps you should take are:

  • Scanning the portion of your print collateral that contains the Maxogram image (i.e. the portion of your print collateral that you’ve uploaded to Maxogram)
  • Not getting lots of glare or shadows on the image you’re scanning
  • Not scanning the image in low-light conditions

If the above fails you can go to the Maxogram under the Maxograms tab on the Console and hover or tap the image to replace it within 7 days of creation. This operation should only be performed if you are 100% certain you will not use the previous image as once it’s replaced it cannot be recovered or used again.

Who is Maxogram good for?

Of course, we believe Maxogram is (and should be) for everyone. 😉 Creators of Maxograms are businesses or individuals who want to create more for their customers or followers. Users of Maxograms are individuals who want to get more information, connect, share and interact.

What does it work on?

Anything printed, whether it’s a business card, brochure, poster, postcard, product package or box, banner, you name it – if it’s printed, it can be added to our platform.

How much does it cost?

This depends on a few factors. First, it is important to note that you can handle everything yourself and pay only for inclusion in our platform (self serve) or we can handle everything for you (full serve). To serve you best, please contact us for pricing.

What data do I get to see?

Data we collect within the app, which you will be privy to via login to your Maxogram Account, are:

  • Total Views for All Maxograms in Account
  • Lifetime Views per Maxogram
  • Most Recent View Date
  • Views Last 24 Hours
  • Views Last 7 Days
  • Views Last 30 Days
  • Action Icon Usage (How Many Times Was Each Social Media Icon Touched, For Example)
  • Usage Map (Like the Following)

How is Maxogram different from a QR Code?

This is one of the most common questions and we’ve developed a lot of material surrounding this, but some of the basics are: Maxograms look attractive vs. QR codes do not, QR codes all look the same vs. Maxograms all look different, Maxograms cost money vs. non-dynamic QR codes are free, Maxogram is new and innovative with lots of room to grow and evolve vs. QR Codes have most commonly been used to simply take a user to a web page and bear a stigma, Maxograms can be modified after the fact vs. non-dynamic QR codes typically can not. We could go on, but that should be more than enough reason to consider Maxogram vs. a QR code.

The only thing that is similar between the two is the process of scanning something with your smartphone and something happening.

Logo Maxogram vs Custom Maxogram

We recommend against having a logo maxogram for a number of reasons. Take a look at the following infographic or get it as a PDF here.