This changes everything. Literally.

One scan of specially marked visual material with the Maxogram app is all it takes to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Activate any visual material with instant video and interactivity, easily accessed with a free, small app. The quickest way to see it in action is to watch the video above, but to really experience it firsthand, the best (and arguably more fun) way, is to get the app and scan the image below.

Maxogram was created specifically to make the things we interact with more informative than can be conveyed with mere print alone. We have identified countless times at which this applies. If you’ve ever been reading assembly instructions, ended up hunting through YouTube to find the right instructional video and thought to yourself, “I wish this was easier.” Well, now it is. Maxogram allows you to scan specially marked, Maxogram Activated instructions and instantly plays the assembly instructions video right on the page itself.

See other uses here.

At Maxogram our mission is to give creators (businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, public figures, and more) an extremely easy and affordable new way to give their audience precise, relevant information in the context of what they are seeing, make it easier to connect and engage in new ways and give users a way to get more information in the context of whatever they are seeing instantly and easily. The demand for what we offer continues to increase.

Maxogram content and the associated actions can be accessed either by scanning physical or digital visual material (image-based maxograms) or by going to a link (link-based maxograms) like this one , making it easier than ever to get more out of every Maxogram you create. See what else is new here.

Create an account so you can make your own maxograms. It is easy and the app is free, small, and easy for users to get.

Who Is Using Maxogram?

What’s Next?

At this point, you may be wondering how Maxogram can benefit you, or perhaps you are more interested in knowing what features we have now or what’s to come. Whatever your question, we have the answer. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.