Maxogram Base Pricing

Pricing is currently $20 CAD per recognized image per month for up to 5,000 views. First month is free for your first image. Accounts with higher than the included aggregate view count across all of their Maxograms will be charged $20 per 5000 additional aggregate views, rounded up.

So if you were to have one image, no matter where you put it, whether it’s on a postcard, a banner, or the side of a bus, we see that as only one image, provided it always looks exactly the same.

Other Services

We also offer Managed Services, which includes account setup, Maxogram upload, and many other related services. For example, if you don’t have a graphic to upload, we can work with you to design it. Maxogram offers an array of graphic design services, including ones where we will provide a Maxogram-optimized image for your upload.

Need Video? We got you!

A La Carte Services (Optional)

Maxogram Management Console Account Setup or DIY for FREE here$15
Maxogram Activated Print Setup (includes image* and video* upload) (includes Account Setup)$30
Maxogram Image Candidate Test$15
Maxogram Image Prep$15
Maxogram Video Prep$15
Maxogram Action Icon Info Sourcing$15
Maxogram Video Replacement$15
Graphic Design (Initial Design + Up to 2 Revisions)$60+
Hourly Services$120 /hr
Print Order Concierge$30
500 Printed Standard Business Cards (For other print formats, please contact us)$30
3-Day Domestic Shipping (Canada)$20
5-Day Domestic Shipping (Canada) $13
10-Day Domestic Shipping (Canada) $8
International Shipping$30+
Video Shoot (By Estimate / By the Hour)n/a
Video Editing (By Estimate / By the Hour)n/a

* must be “upload ready”. See image and video specs for more info.

Reach out and let’s get creative.

All prices CAD and do not include regional taxes.