One of the most common things we hear about Maxogram is, “this would be perfect for real estate” and it turns out, for a lot of things, it is true! We have been lucky enough to have many people in or related to real estate take steps to try Maxogram for various elements of their business and here are the use cases that resulted:

The “Why Me?” Video Card
Maxogram business cards with a video outlining why you should choose them.

Showcase Charitable Aspects of Your Business
An example of this appears below:

The Video Tour Demo Card and Activated Real Estate Magazine Ad
A Langley realtor has a Maxogram business card with a Feature Listing video tour on it and together we ran Maxogram Activated ads in a local Real Estate Weekly magazine.

Maxogram Activated Ads and Location Aware For Sale Signs
A St. Albert realtor has run Maxogram Activated ads,and has Maxogram Activated For Sale signs.

Multi-Use Maxogram Image
A Calgary realtor has a Maxogram image that he uses on various collateral, including his business cards, Maxogram Activated sign riders, and is about to introduce more Maxogram items into their team’s repertoire.

Maxogram Activated + Location Aware For Sale Signs
In the cases of the Maxogram Activated for sale signs, the way they work is this: When a user scans the sign in front of a particular listing, it plays the video tour for THAT particular listing right on that sign, even though, for any realtor all of their for sale signs are the same, because we use location awareness combined with image recognition to show the viewer that specific video tour.

New Ideas Not Yet Tested

  • Tour Cards
  • Feature Sheets
  • Entertainment Print Collateral
  • And More

Are you in real estate and looking for innovative, fun, and engaging ways to provide greater benefit to your customers? Please hit the button below and let’s Get Started making your ideas a reality today!