Get more for your sponsorship dollars ONLY with Maxogram®!

Maxogram specializes in creating experiences for brands and organizations and there’s no reason why an individual or organization shouldn’t be able to tap into that for themselves – especially if the company sponsoring them doesn’t have or utilize Maxogram as a part of their marketing toolkit already. Sponsors can get more for their sponsorship dollars by using Maxogram technology to create interactive and engaging experiences for their audience. For example, a sponsor could use Maxogram to “go beyond the logo” used for their sponsorship and provide a virtual product demonstration right there on the spot. This is something that can easily be accessed by a wide audience. Additionally, Maxogram can help a sponsor to track and measure the success of their sponsorship campaign, which can help them to better understand the return on their investment. This last point is integral, as it is not a feature of the more common sponsorship agreements which ultimately get you just your logo on things such as the websites, shirts, or vehicles*.

There are many ways to sponsor a company or a person, but the cost to entry is often high and the gains are often low and are quickly excused as simply an “exposure” or “brand awareness” opportunity.

By giving people the opportunity to scan your company’s Maxogram image, you then open the doors of opportunity to show them all you or your company have to offer.

The days of a simple logo are over! Make it a Maxogram and give your audience an inside look at what your company is all about.

Here is an example of how we, ourselves, used our own technology in the case of a sports-related sponsorship program. We created a decal that was then affixed to a player’s equipment bag. For the duration of this particular event, it would have been to our slight advantage to have our brand, alongside others, proudly emblazoned on this athlete’s equipment, but it was more to our advantage because, as you can imagine, the athlete wanted to show everyone he met how it worked. Compare that alone to simply having a logo that is largely ignored and you can immediately see where the advantages only just begun.

* You might think that websites, signs, or even apparel are about the only places that a Maxogram could effectively be used in any sports-related sponsorship endeavour, but that is just the beginning. Consider a few more that may not have been immediately apparent: Maxogram Activated Banners, Billboards, Business Cards, Handouts, Merch, Sports Equipment, Stickers, Temporary Tattoos, VIP Passes and the list goes on. In fact, the list REALLY goes on (this is the link to things a Maxogram can go on).

If you are interested in using Maxogram technology to enhance your sponsorship offer, please Reach Out and let us help you put it together!