Introducing Maxogram for Sports

We believe in creating the opportunity to be different, to be innovative. We want you / your organization to shine to it’s brightest potential.

What if you could do something new, unique, engaging and affordable that would …

  • get people amped up for the regular season games
  • give people a unique collectible keepsake at every game
  • provide something special with the team or select players in focus
  • have a new, additional way to get more people to buy single game or season tickets
  • provide a new way to give another level of exposure to your (key) sponsors
  • have a new way of growing your mailing list and your social media fans and followers
  • give you a way to build in contests and promotions
  • give people something that will get them talking and sharing
  • promote the Memorial Cup and other relevant events in a whole new way
  • and more

.. all with a simple, affordable, engaging handout that can be as little as a business card?

Now you can. With Maxogram.

There are many more use cases, such as in-stadium signage, other internal and external collateral, third party collateral and even the tickets themselves.

We believe this is something that the organization, players, fans, and sponsors alike will want to be a part of and share, thereby giving you an opportunity for some extra social buzz and possibly some added excitement before, during and between games.

We offer many different styles of promotion, including:

Promotional Posters
When activated your posters can have up to 63 different uses, some of which include but are not limited to:
Rah Rah video to get amped up for the game
Get one-touch access to the Game Day Program
Get one-touch access to the Roster
Get one-touch access to the League Standings
Access Promotions through one touch to Enter to Win / Spin to Win
Connect with the team via their social media
Buy single game/season tickets

Watch the video below to get a look at one of our promotional posters

Another way is Game Day Programs
In this demo, you can see how using Maxogram for a sponsor ad on a game day program, the ad itself can be activated to promote the advertiser FAR BETTER than a logo alone, by giving them an opportunity to showcase a video and take advantage of the one-touch connection options.

The possibilities are seriously endless.
Click the link below and let’s form a team!