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Players: 2 or More
Age Recommendation: Any Age

How to Play

To play, simply get two or more players together and give each player a game card.

Play begins when the first person scans their card and touches pause to stop on a word.

That player must attempt to get any other player to guess the word without saying the actual word. You can say any other word, you can make sounds, you can perform actions, but you can not say the word! Sounds easy, right? It’s actually a lot tougher than you think.

Classic Scoring
The first person to guess three words in a row correctly wins.

Advanced Scoring
Prefer to take turns one after the other? Set a reasonable time limit or a limit to the number of guesses allowed to determine when someone has not guessed the PauseWord and use a pen and paper to keep track of each player’s correct answers until one of you has reached whatever goal you set.

Party Mode
This one’s for the adults. Please play responsibly!
Each player is given a chance to try to guess the word and if they DO, they’re safe. If they DON’T, they drink!