TouchTimeTrivia by Maxogram

TouchTimeTrivia is a game developed entirely by Maxogram, which is free for users to download, print and play in groups of 2 or more using the free Maxogram app. Don’t love trivia? See our other games.

1. Get the app. 2. Get the game. 3. Enjoy!

Quick Raw Demo

The following is a screen recording showing a preview of what you will see when you scan the top of the printable game as well as a quick demo of the game play itself (scan any side of the tabletop version or scan the card, questions whiz by, pause to see and ask one).

TouchTimeTrivia (Tabletop Edition)

Download. Print. Play. Get it free now. Select this link for the free, printable PDF. (NOTE: You Can Print in Black & White. Color is not necessary for it to work.)

Preparation and Usage

Use the images and associated captions below to prepare and see how to play TouchTimeTrivia by Maxogram. Once assembled, scan the top of the game for instructions and scan any side of the game to play.

TouchTimeTrivia (Card)

Official URL:
Players: 2 or More
Age Recommendation: Any Age

NOTE: You can also just scan the card on a screen using a second device. The Maxogram app just needs to be able to see it.

How to Play

To play, simply get one or more players together and give each player a game card.

Play begins when the first person scans their card and touches pause to stop on a word.

Once paused on a word, the person with the game card then asks their opponent a trivia question that is displayed on the screen. Sounds easy enough right? Some of the questions are quite tricky! If the opponent gets the question wrong, then the person holding the game card passes it over and now it is their turn to answer the question.

Classic Scoring
The first person to get 3 answers in a row wins!

Party Mode
This one’s for the adults. Please play responsibly!
Each player is given a chance to try to guess the answer and if they DO, they’re safe. If they DON’T, they drink!

In-Game Sponsorship

Looking for a way to get your brand out there? Every question in TouchTimeTrivia is able to be sponsored for just $10 a month. There is no limit to how many questions you can sponsor and there will be advancements to provide even more value for your sponsorship in the coming months. Interested? Reach out.