Showcase What You Do and Engage on a Whole New Level

If you’re looking for an additional way of getting your fans or soon-to-be fans to connect with you, and to understand who you are and what you do better; a Maxogram ShowcaseCard is what you’ve been looking for.

Your ShowcaseCard can display your own artwork, a picture of yourself, your band, your venue or something that resonates with what you’re trying to present. With just one scan of your specially marked image, you are giving the person of interest, fan, or even a talent agency access to everything you have to offer.

Having a certain call to action on your card can help tremendously. There are many calls to actions to choose from, one of which is “Scan this card to connect with ______ and get access to his/hers modeling highlights”.

You don’t have to stop at only having one side designed and activated. You’ve got a whole other side, depending on your budget, you can use this side to have a “What’s New with _____” or “Follow _____ on his/her journey to stardom!”. However, if you decide to not have another side, you can opt for the standard backside image that is a promo about ShowcaseCards themselves.

The Benefits of a Maxogram Activated ShowcaseCard (Just to Name a Few)

  • Instant Video and Audio
  • One-Touch Access To:
    • Buy Music
    • Get Music on Spotify
    • Get Music on iTunes
    • Get Music on Google Play Music
    • See Videos and Hear Music and Subscribe on YouTube
    • Download EPK
    • Visit Website
    • Access Social Media
    • Buy Merch
    • Contact / Booking Options
  • Take It A Step Further:
    • Give your fans exclusive updates via this medium
    • Use it to create contests for giveaways like free tickets to a show or meet & greet
    • Use it to let your fans know where you are playing next or upcoming tour dates
    • Use it to give discounts on merchandise or music
Edmonton local and 2019 RiseUp TV performer Jonathan Vautour shows off his own personal Maxogram ShowcaseCard. This growing musician released his first solo album just 5 years ago!

There’s so much more you can do. Engage with us.  Let’s discuss your music goals.

If you’re already registered, and would like us to set up your account / create your Maxogram ShowcaseCard for you, follow this link to provide us with the required information. Thank you!